Steelbird SB-27 Style Cherry Red

Brand:   Steelbird

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Product Information

1. High Impact Composite Material Shell (ABS)

2. High Density EPS (THERMOCOL) for Safety

3. Italian Design

4. Polycarbonate Anti-Scratch Coated Optical True Visor

5. Hygienic interiors with multi-pore breathable padding

6. Micro-Metric Buckle 3G13-RT / 3G14-RT E.S.B

7. Designer Interiors

8. Neck Protector for Extra Comfort and safety

9. The inside layer of the helmet is hair- friendly

10. Designer Pivot KIT

11. Wide color range

12. Available In Glossy & Mat Finish As Well

13. Helmet design specially for Youth

14. Removable neck protector attached with zip

 15. Stylish visor

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