SB-41 Oscar Matrix Blue With Black

Brand:   Steelbird
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Name- Oscar matrix Blue With Black
Model- SB-41 Oscar
Brand- Steelbird Air
Manufacturer- 3 Generations
Colour- Blue/Black
Size- 580,600MM
Description:• Flip-Up / Modular Helmet• High Density EPS (Thermocol) For Safety• Italian Design• Polycarbonate Anti Scratch Coated Visor, produced in Et 3113• Micro-Metric Buckle 3G13-RT / 3G14-RT E.S.B• Mouth Ventilation• Helmet design specially for Youth• Designer Interiors• Single Button Flip-up• Ratchet Locking System• Visor locking system• Compact Design• Odourless Mouth Guard• Polyester Webbing used in Chin-Strap• Wide color range
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