Steelbird 24 Inch Wall Mount Kitchen Dish Rack Plate Cutlery Stand / Kitchen Utensils Rack / Modern Kitchen Storage Rack

Brand:   Steelbird
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1) Store Recently Washed Dishes in This 24 Inch Chrome Dish Rack That Features Space for Up To 24 Plates and Bowls.

2) Side-Mounted Mug Stand and Cutlery Holder to Dry Several items at Once. It can also hold up to 8 Spoons.

3) Made of Premium Durable Stainless Steel, Stylish Modern Streamline Design, Rust Resistant, Easy to Assemble and Clean.

4) Item Dimensions (L X B X H): 24 Inch X10 inch X 24 Inch. It Comes in Compress Packaging.

Kitchens are all about storage. Steelbird presents a compact, efficient storage method for your kitchen utensils like plates, spoons, bowls and glasses. Racks can add a lot of space to your kitchen and help with organization, which is key to smooth running of the kitchen. It is also a breeze to assemble. The rack is made of stainless steel that resists corrosion, so you can store your wet utensils on it without worry.

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