R2K Stainless Steel Outdoor Bottle, Green Tea Infuser, Green Tea Maker Bottle

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1.Food grade sport water bottle, Great for tea infused water – Enjoy your hot and cold beverages. 100% BPA free.Special Tea filter 2.Leak-proof and drop-resistant.portable drinking water bottle PERFECT DESIGN - Unique and Beautiful design perfect for Women, Men, Co-Workers, Friends, Students. Take with you while traveling, on the go, to the gym, yoga, school, work, etc. 3.This green tea bottle is like any other bottle and is easy to carry around. Perfect for loose leaf tea, fruit infusions, cold or hot organic coffee, cocoa, or flavored water. Enjoy at home or on the go, work or play. 4.It helps extract the anti-oxidants from the leaves.Enjoy your favorite rejuvenating tea drinks on the go with our beautiful tea tumbler with infuser. It will enhance the way you used to drink tea, detox your body, and improve your lifestyle! Choose the tea blend of preference and off you go 5.The best part is you can drink directly from the bottle or use the bottle cap as a cup to have refreshing tea drinking experience. BREW YOUR FAVORITE DRINKS RIGHT AWAY: With our tea infuser, you can brew your favorite loose tea leaves, Keep your dSB-R2K-TEA-MAKER-1299rinks cool or warm for much longer without sweating and leaking.

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