R2K 350 ML Stainless Steel Thermos And Sipper Bottle For Kids School With Math Twist For Playing ( Blue )

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Hot or Cold, As You Need: R2K stainless steel of 350 ml capacity is a sipper bottle with straw and is crafted from high quality stainless steel that can be used for carrying both hot and cold beverages. It is capable of retaining the temperature of beverages for longer hours. Made from High Quality Materials for Durability: Ideal for kids for both indoor and outdoor use, the R2K sipper bottle is made from high quality stainless steel which makes it extremely durable for daily use. Additionally, its design and make allows easy handling, cleaning and maintenance. Smart Design for Easy Portability: The R2K is designed such that it has 6 movable rings on the body of the bottle with numbers and mathematical functions written on them. The kids can play around by moving these rings and at the same time, do their math like never before. Learning made fun using the R2K. Furthermore, available in a sipper form, the R2K fits the bottle sections of most kids’ backpacks with ease. Apart from water, kids can use it to carry beverages such as milk, fruit juices and more in this bottle and make the most of its unique design. Its cute design and press to open cap makes it easy to use for kids. The availability of a handle and a color matched strap allows kids to comfortably hold and carry the bottle. Furthermore, its light weight nature allows you to tuck the bottle in a bag without worrying about carrying additional weight your kid will have to carry around.

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