About Us

Yooshopper, the company established in 2015 is an e-commerce and a hyper local-marketplace firm for buying Steelbird, World’s most reputed and trusted brand: motorcycle helmets, accessories and spare parts In India. We aim safety for all.

To serve all customer segments, there is a wide variety of Helmets manufactured by Shop on steelbird in each segment- Open Face, Full Face, Flip-Up Helmets, Flip-Off Helmets, Moto-Cross Helmets, and Carbon Fibre etc. Customised Helmets with anti-scratch, anti-glare and anti-fog visors are fitted as per the requirements of individual customer. To reach nation-wide potential customers

We understand money is hard to earn, Value for money- It’s our promise

We select and sell those products only that offer genuine value for your hard earned cash. And, it’s our promise and we never, never and never going to compensate on that, because, we want to grow, and not to hit low after achieving some heights. 

We make it very simple

We don’t believe in complicating things, we don’t tell our employee (or our family members) to this or that, we tell them to focus all their energy positively on delighting our customers with the best shopping experience in the world of internet.

Yesteryears' heavy, hot and uncomfortable helmets were replaced with Shop on steelbird helmets that are light, comfortable and cool. Now the most important aspect of bike safety comes with the freedom to jump, run and flip some crazy stunts for a terrific ride.

Founder :Varun Gautam ( CEO, MCA - HPU ) , Sunil Singh ( CTO , MCA - HPU, Insta - Sunilspr7) , Rajeev Kapur ( MD. Steelbird Helmets )